Our Mission

The Clean Water Foundation, Inc. is a grass roots non-governmental organization (NGO).  We drill deep water wells in East Africa, and provide bicycles to residents of rural western Uganda, not otherwise served by public transportation.

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We Build Wells

We Change Lives in an Entire Village, Forever

Could we do without hot and cold running water directly to our kitchens and bathrooms?  Or without pure water for drinking? What if your only water source was a mud hole?  That is how many families obtain their only source of water.

Fetching water, one cup at a time, from a shallow well.
Building a well for an entire village changes not only the entire productivity of the village, it saves countless lives and avoids otherwise unavoidable disease. 

Clean Water Is Scarce
It is not only the distance and time required for the daily chore of fetching water that makes our project worthwhile. Shallow wells used for drinking, are filled with muddy water, shared with livestock which also wallows in and otherwise contaminates these shallow pits.  Because water can only be gathered one cup at a time, and then poured in to containers, long lines at these shallow wells consume hours spent collecting this dirty water.
Bacteria, worms, and other disease carrying organisms thrive in the still, warm, shallow surface water. Deep water wells provide clean, cold, abundant and safe drinking water, which can save hundreds of man-hours a day, while also dramatically decreasing waterborne disease.
Drilling a deep water well, insures the availability of clean water to an entire village.  This is the most direct, efficient, and easiest way to seriously curtail the spread of waterborne, often fatal diseases.

Clean, pure, disease free
Now you have the opportunity to help develop water sources for villages in rural Western Uganda.

Ready to build a well and provide clean drinking water to an entire village? Visit our donations page.

We Give Away Bicycles

Changing A Life, One Person at a Time

In rural western Uganda, bordering Congo, the general population walks.  People travel by foot over hard dirt or badly damaged paved roads to go to the hospital, market places, a water source, and places of employment.  A bicycle adds more than basic transportation.  Bicycles carry water and firewood. They can be fitted with carriers for package, seating for several children, and can be fitted to carry almost as much cargo as small pickup truck.

We provide new bicycles to those who will benefit in Western Uganda.

The Clean Water Organization differs from the many other U.S. NGO’s, in that rather than collecting, repairing, storing, and shipping bikes from the United States to Africa, we use local contacts to receive bikes imported from China or India with much lower shipping costs and without the profit which would be taken by importing bicycles to the U.S., and then trans-shipping them to Uganda.  As a small NGO purchasing locally in Uganda, we are able to get much more efficiency out of each dollar contributed, with over 98 cents of each dollar going to bike purchases, with no middle men profits, shipping, parts, repair labor, or storage costs.

Ready to buy a bike and change someone’s life forever? Visit our Donations Page!

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